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Hi there!   
I recently finished my bachelor's degree in Physics Engineering, and as of now I have a full-time job at the Physics Department of Tecnológico de Monterrey. My position allows me to keep doing exciting research while being a lab technician and teaching. I squeeze some time here and there to be a science enthusiast, and during my (somewhat elusive) free time, you are likely to find me designing graphical abstracts and science illustrations as a freelancer.

Beginning a PhD in Physics —AMO Physics that is— is my next big time project, and that occupies most of my daydreaming. While that becomes a reality, feel free to say 'hi' with a message, or check my CV if you are interested in that. Better still, you can take a quick tour through my website and get to know me a little bit more.

In any case, nice to meet you in advance!
2012 - 2016 B.S. in Engineering Physics Tecnológico de Monterrey, Summa Cum Laude
International Degree (Honors)
Research and Innovation Program (RIP)
2014 - 2015 Study Abroad University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
Technology Commercialization Certificate
2009 - 2012 High School Prepa Tec Campus Eugenio Garza Lagüera
with an Honorable Mention for Academic Excellence

Advanced Placement Courses:
HL Mathematics with Statistics (7/7), SL Physics  (7/7) and SL Computer Science (7/7)

2013-Today Building our own measurement devices:
Construction and use of thermal characterization materials
'Do it Yourself'
Educational project meant to make low-cost measurement devices readily available for students and professors, particularly equipment based on DTA analysis with thermocouples. Right now, periodic training workshops are organized and self-study materials such as video tutorials and written manuals are being created to aid the widespread of the project. We also provide support and training for interested researchers. 

Roles and Responsabilities:
Workshop's planning and logistics coordinator
Workshop instructor
Creation of multimedia, self-study materials

Luz María Martínez Calderón, Ph.D    +52 (81) 8328.4489
Late 2015-Today Bringing Scanning Probe Microscopy to the Physics classroom

This project seeks to bring the different SPM techniques to undergraduates, high school students and the general public. Right now, we are working on developing 'academic' versions for some of the well stablished SPM techniques. This prototypes are composed of relatively simple, cheap and easy-to-get materials so that the models can be reproduced by almost anyone. This project is still on an early, design stage.

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 ITESM's XV Physics International Symposium
Marketing Team member/Collaborator

Each year, Tecnológico de Monterrey hosts a Physics Symposium organized solely by students. As a member of the marketing team I was involved and contributed through all of the the Symposium's public relations and publicity campaigs: from choosing the color schemes to designing posters and handling distribution logistics. As a speaker's host, I kept in close contact with him while organizing the Symposium and served as his companion while he visited us.

2012-Today Website Prepa Tec CEGL
The project began as an initiative for providing the Prepa Tec Campus Eugenio Garza Lagüera High school with means of promotion. The site is kept under constant actualization and maintenance.

Roles and Responsabilities:
Website managing
Creation of the website's content materials

Katia Alexandra Azúa Cantú    +52 (81) 8155.4472
As a proud curiosity enthusiast, I’m on my way to becoming a physicist; often having fun while doing so. I’m passionate about exploring the intersection of science, engineering, and design, and this frequently takes me into sometimes unpredictable, but rather exciting narratives.

My friends and family would tell you that I’m self-directed, meticulous, and sometimes even a little stubborn ... and it’s true! I tend to engage deeply with what I do and with the challenges that everyday life might bring. Some people might say that I have the habit of asking ‘yes … but why?’ too many times, but if you think about it, that is a compliment.

Rarely seen without a tupperware in hand, I enjoy riding my bike to wherever I can and cooking something new. I also wish I had more time to finish the ever-increasing list of awesome books I’d like to read.

As a believer of the power in idea sharing, here is a list of some concepts (brought to you by TED) which I consider most inspiring and fascinating. I also include a selection of TED-Ed videos, a wonderful way of staying curious and learning something interesting every day. 

You might also want to explore the STEM channels of youtube such as Kurzgesagt, Minute Physics, Vihart , Crash Course , The Brain Scoop and Periodic Videos. They provide me with great moments of smart procrastination, but be careful! They are awesome and engaging, you might become a fan.

Even though science—Physics in particular—is my passion, I have found many other interests that combine with my scientific work in rather brilliant ways. I often find myself in the liminal space between being a scientist, an engineer and a designer, and it is a very exciting place to be. Intersections are, after all, where most interesting things happen.

The engineering part of my bachelor's degree has proven itself to be very useful, from machining components and knowing when to use a systematic approach to even enjoy tinkering around with a device until you fully understand it. Knowing how to read and write code has also turned out to be absolutely vital when developing simulations and data acquisition interfaces. Even a rather trivial aspect such as handling the (sometimes obnoxious) output data format from some equipments can be elegantly eased by knowing enough to harness the wonders of programming. By managing and coding with HTML, CSS, JQuery and Javascript, my work gets embedded with the portability and convenience offered by the internet. I also learned enough (self-taught) graphic design to create all of my visuals, so much so that I even get to freelance as a science graphic designer every other night, creating graphical abstracts and infographics for science enthusiasts all over the world.
Use of XRD, AFM, FT-IR, UV-VIS, DTA characterization techniques
Simulations development within MATLAB/MATHEMATICA/C++/Java
MATLAB/Labview/Arduino data acquisition and interface development
Mill and lathe machining
Edition and design of visuals and infographics through vector graphics (.svg)
Web pages design and managing with HTML/CSS/JQUERY
LATEX documents

English      (TOEFL IBT 116/120)
German    (B1 - Intermediate)
Research Experience:
Sept. 2016- present Teaching Laboratory Technician
Department of Physics, Tecnológico de Monterrey

After graduation, I was hired full-time by the Physics Department of Tecnológico de Monterrey in a position that allows me to keep doing research while being the lab technician for the Materials Characterization Laboratory. I have been working with Prof. Flavio Contreras-Torres on studying advanced X-ray line profile analysis techniques such as the modified Willliamson-Hall and Warren-Averbach methods. More recently, I prepared my very first publication (arXiv:1608.06591), which we submitted to the Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, and is now currently under peer review. During this academic term (Fall 2016), I have been collaborating with Prof. Contreras on entirely redesigning the Experimental Physics II course our Department offers. We turned it into a more comprehensive class, giving the students a first-hand opportunity to learn how to use characterization techniques available in the laboratory  (XRD, AFM, FT-IR, UV-VIS) for research purposes
2015-2016 Undergraduate Research
Department of Physics, Tecnológico de Monterrey

During my senior year I began working at the Materials Characterization Laboratory, lead by Prof. Flavio Contreras-Torres, mainly concentrating on using the AFM and XRD techniques. He went on to be the advisor for my senior project, "Microstructural caracterization of Fm-3m materials through the Modified Williamson-Hall method of X-ray line profile analysis", on which I studied the presence of strain anisotropy in several alkali halides through a first principles calculation of dislocation contrast factors. I also was the teaching assistant for Prof. Flavio on both his microscopy elective class (Fall 2015, 1 group) and his elementary Physics classes (Spring 2015, 2 groups).

Prof. Flavio Contreras-Torres        contreras.flavio@itesm.mx
Summer 2015 Summer Research Internship
Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University (SFU)

As part of the Mitacs Globalink Research Internship initiative, I had the chance do a 12-weeks Summer intership. Under the supervision of Prof. Jeffrey McGuirk, I worked on designing an alternative component for the permanent magnet, hybrid IP trap currently used in the experimental set up of the McGuirk Ultracold Atom Research Group, looking to improve features such as flexibility and optical access. After a sensible AMO literature survey, an IP Trap composed only of electromagnetic coils was chosen. Multiple simulations were later developed in MATLAB to test the feasibility of the design. Some preliminary machine drawings were proposed as well, taking into account some physical and practical constraints.

Prof. Jeffrey McGuirk          jmcguirk@sfu.ca
2013-2016 Undergraduate Research
Department of Chemistry, Tecnológico de Monterrey

During my undergraduate studies I was a collaborator at the Amorphous Materials Research Group lead by Prof. Luz María Martínez. My role revolved around a non-commercial DTA (Differential Thermal Analysis) set-up (Therm. Acta (560) 89-94 2013). I redesigned and upgraded the Labview based, data acquisition software that goes along with the DTA set-up while managing technical features such as setting up and interfacing thermocouples and other sensors. Later on, I worked on refining the devices’ power source, heating rates and control loops in terms of equipment alternatives that are more accessible for everyday students, such as those offered by the Arduino platform and other integrated circuits.

Prof. Luz María Martínez      luzvidea@itesm.mx
Spring 2014 ITESM’s Physics Laboratory, Assistant Position
Department of Physics

While being trained in the use of an AFM, I took the challenge of adapting a series of papers into tutorials meant to be the final project guides for the undergraduate course Electricity and Magnetism, with experiments such as measuring the Curie Temperature of different mental samples or the slowly falling magnet set up. I took full responsability about them: from getting suppliers for the necessary materials to verifying the feasability of the experiments and typing easy-to-follow tutorials about them for the students.

Trained on the use of an AFM, with the tapping,
contact, and magnetic modes
Developed a series of paper-adapted
tutorials for the Electricity and Magnetism undergraduate course

Genaro Zavala Enríquez, Ph.D   
    Employment History:
Sept. 2016- present Teaching Laboratory Technician
Department of Physics, Tecnológico de Monterrey

After graduation, I was hired full-time by the Physics Department in a position that allows me to keep doing research while being the lab technician for the Materials Characterization Laboratory. During this academic term (Fall 2016), I have been collaborating with Prof. Contreras on entirely redesigning the Experimental Physics II course our Department offers. We turned it into a more comprehensive class, giving the students a first-hand opportunity to learn how to use characterization techniques available in the laboratory  (XRD, AFM, FT-IR, UV-VIS) for research purposes
2015 - present Science Graphic Designer
During my studies, I have gradually developed a peculiar interest for graphic design and illustrations. What once began as simply looking out for ways to improve the looks of my posters turned out into a full skill set which ranges from web design to vector graphics. Since the beginning of last year I started freelancing as a science graphic designer by creating graphical abstracts, infographics, illustrations, diagrams and other visuals for a variety of international clients, including Knowledgehook (Canada), Thesis-ABC (Germany), Socratic (New York), Humbot (Switzerland) and AuthorShip Co. (India). You can also download my graphics portfolio here.

More Info:
You might be interested in reviewing the 'digital material', 'presentations' and 'poster' sections from my portfolio.
Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 Education Outreach Assistant
Illinois Public Media
Campbell Hall for Public Telecommunication
300 North Goodwin Av., Urbana, Illinois 61801-2316

Illinois Public Media lauched the Book Mentor Project 9 years ago. This program aims to foster the interest for reading books in children. Volunteers are trained and visit classrooms throughout the year, where they read a book to the kids and do engaging activities with them. I organized and provided online support for volunteers and teachers, with activities ranging from logistics to preparing the necessary materials for the success of each session, considering for example that some of the classrooms are actually biligual.

Monitoring volunteer's attendance and send periodic reminders
Provide online support for volunteers
Managing and redesigning the project's database
Preparing the educational materials for each session

Kimberlie Kranich           kranich@illinois.edu
Summer 2012 Marketing Assistant
Grupo Alenda S.A. de C.V.
Rayones #1100-A Col. Topochico Monterrey, Mexico CP.64260

Grupo Alenda was a national distributor of cooling chambers. I took a marketing role on which I widened the prospective customers portfolio through outbound telemarketing and launching an internet marketing campaign with a revised Marketing Letter and Corporative Presentation. I also reorganized the customers' database into a reachable, useful resource for the company.

Outbound Telemarketing
Redesign of promotional materials
Marketing letter / Corporative presentation

Claudia Cavazos    +52 (81) 1234.3522
2007-2010 Sales Clerk
Multiplásticos Cavazos S.A. de C.V.
Garza Ayala S/N Col. Zaragosa Allende, N.L.  C.P. 67350
Sell of various plastic supplies

Store sales
Carry out stock inventories

Lucila Cavazos    +52 (826) 268.2376
    Social Work:
Summer 2013 & Spring 2014 Bienestar Integral Adolescente (Integral Wellness of Teens )
Project from the Mexicanos con Salud social association which aims to improve the health of mexican children through nutritional education
Summer Camp in 2013 and Spring Term Saturday Visits in 2014

Roles and Responsabilities:
Logistics coordinatior
Dormitory's prefect
Teached a series of emotional intelligence workshops
Teached a series of nutrition, fitness and wellness classes
Elvia Maricela Domínguez Barragán    +52 (81) 1689.2870
Spring 2011 Son Niños con Diabetes A.C.
Foundation that provides support for mexican children diagnosed with diabetes

Developed of a pet for the foundation
Created a set of didactic materials for the children

Fundación Son Niños con Diabetes CONTACT
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