As part of the Mitacs Globalink Program, I did a summer research intership on AMO at Simon Fraser University (SFU). The main aim of the project was to propose and design a new atom trap to replace the permanent magnet model used by the McGuirk Research Group. In order to test the performance and feasibility of the new design, I developed a series of MATLAB simulations for the magnetic field inside the coils.

The model allowed to manipulate both geometrical parameters and power consumption, so that the system's DOFs could be fitted within the physical and practical constraints. We also probed relevant observables such as aspect ratio and trapping frequencies. Below, some of the simulations results are presented.

Magnetic Field Profiles as simulated in MATLAB. Parameters selected to show a cigar like aspect ratio

Magnetic Field Profiles as simulated in MATLAB. Animated versions of the profiles can be found here


Variability in trap frequencies(left axis, green line for radial frequency) and aspect ratio ( red line) profiles as ISI ranges from 30A (upper graph) down to 5A(lower graph).